Trail Conditions


Ride at your own risk and use caution!!



Please remember that trail conditions can change within hours depending on weather, snowmobile use and other obstacles that are out of our control. 

 How Trails are graded. This matches to how the Bureau of Trail grade trails.  


  • Great - Trail has a really good base, groomed flat with solid snow that should hold up to traffic.
  • Good - Trail is flat with a good base, there may be ice underneath, and while groomed snow could become a bit mushy.
  • Moderate - Trail has decent riding, but may have bare spots, ice, or rough sections.
  • Marginal - Trail is passable, but may have thin snow, open or partially filled water bars, bare spots, ice, or trees down.








Trail NameStatusConditionGroomed/packed DateComments
Base Road
(NH Corridor 11)
Base Station (Cog)CLOSEDGroomed by Cog RR
Jefferson Notch Rd
(NH Corridor 11)
Mt. Clinton RoadCLOSED
Cherry Mt. RoadCLOSED
Cherry Mt. Tower
(Expert Trail)
CLOSEDExpert Trail
Watch for water bars and downed trees
Mt. Mitten Trail (Jefferson Notch to 25 Dollar Trail Junction)
(NH Corridor 11)
CLOSEDGroomed by Jefferson Hi-Landers
Zealand Parking Lot/Lower Falls-Fabyan's
(NH Corridor 11)
Iron Horse Trail (102) Yaya's (Blue Store)-Fabyan's: Rail Road Bed with RAILS CLOSEDBe aware of exposed rails
Iron Horse Trail (102) Yaya's (Blue Store) -Lennon Rd: Rail Road Bed with RAILS CLOSEDBe aware of exposed rails
102 Bypass of Railroad Tracks
(Twin Mt Sand/Gravel)
Zealand Trail
(NH Corridor 11)
Pipeline Trail
(NH Corridor 11)
CLOSEDWatch for water bars
Twin Mountain TrailCLOSED
Twin Mountain ConnectorCLOSED
Tuttlebrook Trail
(NH Corridor 11)
Twin Mountain
Recreation Area Trail
(Lake Rd Parking Lot)
CLOSEDDead End at Rec Area. Do not ride down Road
Harold's WayCLOSED
In town Twin Mt., access to businessesCLOSED
Upper Haystack Trail
(NH Corridor 11)
Haystack Rd Trail
(NH Corridor 11)
Rocky Ridge
(NH Corridor 11)
Rosebrook Trail-
Mt. Tom Trail
(Expert Trail)
Mt. Tom:
Expert Trail
Watch for sign where we stop maintaining the trail. After that it's ungroomed
Watch for water bars and downed trees
SugarLoaf Trail
(Expert Trail)
CLOSEDExpert Trail
Watch for water bars and downed trees

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This pertains mostly to our in-town trails as well as Corridor 11 connecting the Haystack area to Bretton Woods. When there are very low snow totals in the coverage area noted above there have been questions related to the extent of our grooming operations.

Please know that if there is sufficient snow coverage to operate without doing damage to the trails as well as to our very expensive equipment we will be out grooming to the best of our ability. We depend greatly on the revenue that we receive for each hour of grooming in order to stay operational as a club. We gain no benefit by not grooming when conditions are optimal. Also please note that most of our trail system consists of winding uneven terrain in the White Mountain National Forest and not on flat roads. This in turn requires far more snow coverage to maintain a smooth trail system.

Thank you for considering these facts when you ride on our trail system.

Recommended Practice for Passing By a Groomer
Approved by NHSA Map and Trails Committee  

  1. For oncoming sleds: The sleds should pull off the trail and allow the groomer to pass by.
  2. For sleds overtaking the groomer: The groomer operator should find a safe spot to pull over and stop.  The sleds can then check to see if they can safely pass by the groomer.

Note: The operator will not signal for sleds to pass by.

Reason:  Each rider must take responsibility for passing by the groomer safely.

NH Statute Governing Passing by a Groomer

215-C:8 Operation of Snowmobiles. –

Section III b, Item 3:
10 miles per hour at trail junctions or parking lots, or when passing trail grooming equipment.  

Some courtesies to observe on our trail system:

1. Curfew hour is 11:00pm through inhabited areas.

2. Please do not litter the trail system.

3. WARNING: Grooming equipment is in operation at any time, use caution.

4. Observe speed limits and stay on marked trails.

Please remember the trail conditions are updated as quickly as possible & can change within hours depending on weather & snowmobile use. If you disagree with a particular condition listed from a first hand, recent experience please e-mail us "kindly" at: