To join the Twin Mountain Snowmobile Club, go to the following link

Login if you already have an account or create an account following the instructions

Once logged in or new account created, select the Twin Mountain Snowmobile Club from the Coos County section and follow instructions

Once your payment is processed you will instantly receive your NHSA membership voucher which you can then use to receive a discount on your snowmobile registration

Note that this process needs to be completed first before registering to get the discount.  Your membership number is required to be entered during the registration process for the discount

2022-2023 MEMBERSHIPS 

All memberships are valid May 1st to April 30th

Any form not legible will not be accepted. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY.

All of our membership fees are inclusive of NHSA dues which entitles you to a 1-year subscription to Snow Traveler magazine.

Family Membership Dues including NHSA is $35.00.

Individual Membership Dues including NHSA is $30.00.



Use PDF form below. Print and mail with a stamped self addressed envelope to:
PO Box 179
Twin Mountain, NH 03595

Membership PDF Icon
Click Here to get the form



Congratulations to the 2020 Free Membership Winners

James Niziak 10 Year Membership

Tony Roberto 7 Year Membership

Dan Walker 5 Year Membership


Congratulations to the March 31, 2019 Free Membership Winners

Peter Monahan   Foxboro MA   15 Year Membership

Courtney Murray  Shrewsbury MA   10 Year Membership

Tony Roberto   Wrentham MA   5 Year Membership

Thank you for your donations!

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